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National Budget for 1999-2001

The 1999-2001 National Budget includes an initial summary of economic developments in 1998, the major points of economic policy for 1999-2001, and a forecast of the main developments in that period.
The summary of developments in 1998 is based on partial data and preliminary estimates from the Central Bureau of Statistics, the Ministry of Finance, and the Bank of Israel.
Parts A and C of this publication - developments in 1998 and the forecast for 1999-2001 - were prepared jointly by the Economic Research and State Revenue Division in the Ministry of Finance, the Research Department of the Bank of Israel, and the Prime Ministers Office. Part B - economic policy for 1999-2001 - was prepared by the Ministry of Finance and the Prime Ministers Office, with the exception of the section on monetary policy, which is presented by the Bank of Israel.

The National budget document in Zip file