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Bank of Israel Annual Report 2008 – Statistical Appendix
Chapter 5 - The Labor Market
E.1 The Mean Permanent and Working-Age Population, 1969-2008
E.2 The Participation Rate and the Civilian Labor Force, 1969-2008
E.3 Total Number of Employees in the General Government and Business Sectors, 1969-2008
E.4 The Unemployment Rate and the Number of Unemployed, 1969-2008
E.5 Number of Israeli Employees in the Principal Industries, 1969-2008
E.6 Real Wage in the Principal Industries, 1980-2008
E.7 Depth of Unemployment, 1980-2008
E.8 Total Labor Input in the General Government and Business Sectors, 1990-2008
E.9 Hours Worked per Week per Israeli Employee in the Principal Industries , 1980-2008
E.10 Employment and Contribution to Unemployment, by Industry, 2003–2008