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Guide: How can the reform help you?
On July 1, 2008 a comprehensive reform of bank fees came into effect, which will result in a considerable decrease in the number of fees the banks will be entitled to charge their customers for various banking operations. We have assembled the major questions and answers that emerge from the new reform.
What is the bank fees reform?
What is the legal background to the reform?
What are the powers the law gives to the Bank of Israel and the Supervisor of Banks as part of the reform?
When will the reform take effect?
What is the aim of the reform?
What are the major changes that will take place in the wake of the reform?
What will be the major changes in the current account?
What are the major changes in credit facilities?
What are the major changes regarding loans?
What are the major changes regarding credit cards?
Will the fees be cheaper as a result of the reform?
To which customers does the reform apply?
What is the complete price list of fees?
What are basic price lists?
In the wake of the reform, have the banks canceled the benefits they offer to customers?
Have any fees remained under price control?