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English Publications
Price list from July 2011 - in New Israeli Sheqalim
Group A: current and special publications Price, NIS
Annual Reports for 2010 92.00
Annual Reports for 2004 - available only on Bank of Israel website  
*Research Department Annual Report, 2003- 2 Volumes, (i) The Economy: Developments and Policies; and (ii) Output and Principal Industries, the Labor Market, the Budget and the General Government) 92.00
Recent Economic Developments (quarterly, last no. 129) 19.00
Israel Economic Review (Volume 8 No. 2) 34.00
Israel’s Banking System, Annual Survey, 2009 84.00
Annual Information on the Banking Corporations, 2002-2006 56.00
Banking Review (No. 8) (Last issue. Series discontinued.) 25.00
Financial Statements 2010, Israel's Payment and Settlement Systems 24.00
Inflation Report, No. 34, January-March 2011 19.00
Bank of Israel: Articles, Information, Data, No.3, January 2003 19.00
Banknotes and Coins of Israel 1927-2006         98.00
Financial Stability Report 2004 47.00
A Small Macroeconomic Model to Support Inflation Targeting In Israel 20.00
Israel's Payment and Settlement Systems, Red Book 2010 84.00
Money-A Mirror of ancient and modern times 25.00
Group B: annual subscriptions
Item Frequency Price (NIS)
Exchange Rates (Hebrew-English) weekly 235.00  
All publications may be bought from the Publications Unit, Bank of Israel, P.O.B. 780, 91007 Jerusalem (by credit card), tel. 972-2-6552767 fax. 972-2-6669767, or by e-mail to:.