Economic indicators: Israeli Economic Data

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1. GDP per capita ($ thousand, purchasing power parity basis) (1)Q1/201534.633.1
2. Economy's growth rate (percent) (2)Q1/20152.52.9
3. Bank of Israel forecast of economy's growth rate (percent)20153.23.2
4. Unemployment rate (percent)Q1/20155.45.6
5. Composite State-of-the-Economy Index (percent)03/20150.40.3
6. Ratio of surplus in current account of balance of payments to GDP (percent) (1)Q4/20143.74.2
7. Inflation rate (percent)04/2015-0.5-1.0
8. Inflation expectations derived from the capital market (percent)04/20150.60.7
9. Bank of Israel interest rate (percent)05/20150.100.10
10. Change in representative exchange rate, NIS per $1 (percent)04/201513.314.9
11. Means of payment: M1 (NIS billion)04/2015237.0157.7
12. Ratio of public debt to GDP (percent) (3)12/201467.467.6
13. Ratio of external debt to GDP (percent) (3)12/201434.931.6
14. Change in Tel Aviv 100 Index (percent) (1)04/201514.315.5
15. Gross return of unindexed 10 year government bonds (percent)04/20151.61.7

*Q1, Q2, etc. refer to quarters.
(1)The previous figure refers to the corresponding period in the previous year.
(2)The previous figure is the average of the last four quarters.
(3)The previous figure refers to the balance at the end of the previous year.

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Interest Rate Releases and Discussions
Inflation over the past year April, 2014 to April, 2015%-0.5
Inflation target %3 - %1

Representative Exchange Rates

Latest Update: 27/05/2015
Currency (Unit) Rate Daily Change
Dollar 3.8750 No Change
Pound 5.9601 -0.219%
100 Yen 3.1352 -0.882%
Euro 4.2156 -0.388%
Nominal Effective Rate -0.345%
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