Israel Economic Review

​The Israel Economic Review (IsER) has been published twice a year since 2003. It contains studies by economists of the Bank of Israel Research Department and others on a wide range of subjects relevant to Israel's economy and to economic policy, some of which have appeared in the Economic Quarterly (in Hebrew) and the Bank's Economic Review (ER) (which since 2003 appears in Hebrew only).
From 1970 to 2001 the ER, which contains studies based on research published previously in the Research Department Discussion Paper Series, was published in both English and Hebrew, and printed versions are available in the Bank of Israel library and in university libraries.
All papers in the IsER--plus a summary of each paper--are available in their entirety on this site, in PDF format, as well as in a soft-cover, bound, printed version.
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Interest Rate Releases and Discussions
Inflation over the past year April, 2014 to April, 2015%-0.5
Inflation target %3 - %1

Representative Exchange Rates

Latest Update: 22/05/2015
Currency (Unit) Rate Daily Change
Dollar 3.8730 0.337%
Pound 6.0698 0.301%
100 Yen 3.2072 0.596%
Euro 4.3229 0.472%
Nominal Effective Rate 0.411%
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