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Address by the Supervisor of Banks to The Marker Annual Conference on the Capital Market
Supervision and Regulation in a Changing Environment
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  The banking system is healthy and stable and has successfully weathered the crisis; nonetheless, we live in a dynamic environment and need to be closely monitoring the situation. It is worthwhile taking advantage of the current positive economic conditions in order to accumulate reserves and close gaps in the area of risk management.
  The guiding vision of Bank Supervision can be stated as follows: Banks need to be operating under supervision and regulation that is comprehensive, clear and effective. Our goal is to analyze potential risks and to take preventative measures, rather than just dealing with crises and failures after they have developed.
  Bank Supervision intends to adopt the principles of Basel III, on both the micro and macro levels, while modifying them to the local environment. From now on, any instruction or directive originating from Bank Supervision will take into account the Basel III guidelines into account.
  Supervision and regulation impose a high cost on the banks; however, the failure of a bank in Israel will have a much higher cost.