Prof. Amir Yaron​



Committee and Council

Members of Management

Deputy Governor
Mr. Hezi (Ezekiel) Kalo
Director General
Tel: 02‎-6552711
Fax: 02‎-6669027 
 Prof. Michel Strawczynski​​   

Prof, Michel Strawczynski​​
Director of the Research Department
Tel: 02‎-6552601 
Fax: 02‎-6552615 
   Dr. Hedva Ber 
Supervisor of Banks
Jerusalem - Tel: 02‎-6552401 
                  Fax: 02‎-6669590 
Tel-Aviv    -  Tel: 03‎-5640401 
                  Fax: 03‎-5661110 
 Mr. Andrew Abir
Director of the Market Operations Department
Tel: 02‎-6552376 
Fax: 02‎-6552371 
Dr. Eyal Rozen

Dr. Eyal Rozen
Director of the Information and Statistics Department
Tel: 02‎-6552734 ​
Fax: 02-6669734​

Mr. Avner Ziv
Mr. Avner Ziv
Director of the Information Technology Department
Tel: ‎02-6552251 
Fax: 02‎-6669717 ​
 Ms. Pnina Keren

Ms. Pnina Keren
Director of the Human Resources and Administration Department
Tel: 02‎-6552978 
Fax: 02-6669187 
	  Ms. Irit Mendelson

Ms. Irit Mendelson
Director of the Accounting, Payments and Settlement Systems Department
Tel: 02‎-6552995
Fax: 02‎-6669666
Dr. Ilan Steiner 
Dr. Ilan Steiner
Director of the Currency Department
Tel: 02‎-6552860 
Fax: 02‎-6552743 ​
Ms. Tida Shamir, Adv.
General Counsel; Director of Legal Division 
Tel: 02‎-6552706 
Fax: 02‎-6520858 

Other Office Holders

Mr. Shai Rosenstock
Internal Auditor and Ombudsperson; Head of Internal Audit
Tel: 02‎-6552750
Fax: 02‎-6552163
Dr. Ohad Bar-Efrat
Head of Information and International Relations Division
Tel: 02‎-6552714 
Fax: 02‎-6519123
Mr. Yoav Soffer
Spokesperson and Head of Economic Information
Tel: 02‎-6552713 
Fax: 02‎-6528812
Mr. Eddy Azoulay
Chief of Staff to the Governor
Tel: 02-6552710
Fax: 02-6669710
Ms. Esti Schwartz
Secretary of the Monetary Committee and the Supervisory Council
Tel: 02-6552959
Fax: 02-6669159