Michel Strawczynski


Director of the Research Department

Michel Strawczynski

Prof. Michel Strawczynski is the Director of the Research Department at the Bank of Israel. Under this capacity he is involved in the material preparation for the Monetary Policy decision process and support the Governor in Economic Advising to the Government.

 After holding an Economist position at the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, he started his service at the Bank of Israel in 1993. He served for eight years as an Economist and Senior Economist at different areas of the Research Department, and afterwards he served eleven years as Deputy and Acting Director of the Department. During this period Strawczynski led the Economic Team as part of Israel's admission to the OECD and the inter-ministry research group on the Earned Income Tax Credit Program in Israel.

Strawczynski holds a Ph. D. in Economics from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and performed postdoctoral studies at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T.). He taught at Ben-Gurion and Tel Aviv Universities, and at the IDC in Hertzlia. He is currently Adjunct Professor of Economics at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. He performs research at the areas of Public Economics and Fiscal Policy, and published articles at leading Journals in Economics. He is also the Co-Editor of the Israel Economic Review.