The Supervisory Council

​The Supervisory Council was established under the Bank of Israel Law, 5770-2010. The Supervisory Council has seven members: two from the Bank, and five representatives of the public. One of the representatives of the public on the Supervisory Council serves as chairperson.

​​The Supervisory Council supervises the orderly and efficient management of the Bank, discusses the work plan formulated by Bank management, and approves the budget for the Bank's administrative activity, the salary terms for Bank employees, and the Bank's financial statements. The Supervisory Council appoints an accountant-auditor and an internal auditor for the Bank, as well as an Audit Committee, made up of representatives of the public on the Supervisory Council. 



                             Yehoshua (Shu​ki​) Shemer  

                    prof. Joshua (Shu​ki​) Shemer

                   Supervisory Council Chairman  

Mr. Moti Besser

​  ​
 Ms. Segi Eitan
​   ​ 

Mr. Naim Najjar​ 

Prof. Sharon Rabin - Margalioth
Prof. Amir Yaron  Governor
         Deputy Governor      ​