The Supervisory Council Chairperson**
prof. Yehoshua (Shuki​) Shemer
Prof. Amir Yaron
The Monetary Committee Chairperson*
Prof. Amir Yaron
Deputy Governor
Director General
Mr. Hezi Kalo
Internal Audit
Shai Rosenstock
Legal Division
Ms. Tida Shamir, Adv.
Spokesperson's Office
Mr. Yoav Soffer
Supervisor of Private Protection
Mr. Yoni Meron
Credit Data Sharing System
Citizens of Israel Fund management department
Information and International Relations
Dr. Ohad Bar-Efrat
Currency Dept.
Dr. Ilan Steiner
Accounting, Payment and Settlement Systems Dept.
Ms. Irit Mendelson
Human Resources and Admin. Dept.
Ms. Pnina Keren
Information Technology Dept.
Mr. Avner Ziv
Research Dept.
Prof. Michel Strawczynski
Banking Supervision Dept.
Dr. Hedva Ber
Market Operations Dept.
Mr. Andrew Abir
Information and Statistics Dept.
Dr. Eyal Rozen
Responsible to the GovernorResponsible to the Director GeneralResponsible to the Deputy GovernorFunctions Being Established