Annual Information

Chapters of banking institutions by year

The Supervisor of Banks – Introduction
This is the fortieth year of publication of annual information on the banking corporations by the Information and Reporting Unit of the Banking Supervision Department of the Bank of Israel. Since 2007 the Annual Information is published only on the website.
The definitions and terms used at the annual information on the banking corporations, can be found in reporting directives.
The Banking Supervision Department also publishes Current Information on Banks on the Bank's website, and this is updated continually, serving to supplement the Annual Information, and the same table numbers and layouts are used in both of them, and in the definitions.
Most of the data in this volume are taken from the returns of banking corporations to the Supervisor of Banks (see details of the banking corporations below), and including data on the activity of government ministries in Israel and abroad.
Figures taken from the published statements incorporate data on the activities of the Israeli banking system overseas as well, and some relate to the five largest banking groups on a consolidated basis. More detailed data on the activity of overseas offices are given in a separate chapter, and are based on information submitted to the Supervisor of Banks.​