Information on the Banking Corporations - Introduction

​The information herein ("Current Information on the Banking Corporations," henceforth Current Information) is a current update of information contained in the Annual Information on Banking Corporations (henceforth Annual Information) issued by the Reporting and Information Unit of the Banking Supervision Department.
The purpose of Current Information is to cover the period between the publication of successive issues of Annual Information, and to bring to the attention of the public information received from the banks on an ongoing basis, most of which is published at the end of the year in Annual Information. Whenever new information which may be released to the public becomes available, the tables on the Bank of Israel's website are updated. 
The tables in the Current Information can be divided into two types: 

  1. "Rolling" tables, which incorporate data covering a given number of time periods. Each time an update, i.e., data for the most recent period, is received, the earliest period shown previously is dropped. 
  2. Tables covering one period only. These are accumulated and available on the Bank of Israel's website, and users can select any period of interest to them. 

With the intention of simplifying the use of the tables and making it user-friendly, the numbering of the tables in the Current Information is the same as that in the Annual Information. Thus a user interested in a particular table in the Annual Information should find it straightforward to access the same table in Current Information, if it appears there, and vice versa. Tables in which the data are not updated during the year do not appear in Current Information, so that the numbering of tables is not necessarily consecutive. 
Some of the tables in Current Information have been renumbered to bring them into line with the numbering in Annual Information. In such cases the numbers under which they appeared previously in the printed version (in the loose-leaf binder) are given in parentheses. 
The definitions are the same as in the Annual Information, and are updated from time to time in circulars issued by the Banking Supervision Department.

Beginning from the second quarter of 2017, Excel tables with current data are not published for Chapters II, VIII, IX and XII.  To view the tables for those chapters, please view the parallel table under "Annual Data".​