The Banking System

The banking system in Israel consists of: 
12 banks 
4 foreign banks
6 credit card companies
1 financial institution 
2 joint service companies 

Supervised Banking Corporations and Credit Card Companies in Israel,
December 31st, 2016:
1. Banks Code
​Bank Hapoalim B.M. ​12
​Bank Leumi Le-Israel B.M. ​10
​Bank Massad Ltd ​46
​Bank of Jerusalem Ltd ​54
​Bank “Yahav” Le-Ovdei Hamdina Ltd ​04
​Israel Dexia Bank Ltd ​68
​Israel Discount Bank Ltd ​11
​Mercantile Discount Bank Ltd ​17
​Mizrahi Tefahot Bank Ltd ​20
​Otsar Hahayal Bank Ltd ​14
​The First International Bank of Israel Ltd ​31
​Union Bank of Israel Ltd ​13
2. Foreign banks
Citibank N.A b ​22
​HSBC Bank PLC b ​23
3. ​Credit card companies
Cal - Israel Credit Cards Ltd​ 10023​
Leumi Card Ltd​ 10033​
Isracard Ltd​ 12002​
Poalim Express Ltd​ 12011​
Europay (Eurocard) Israel Ltd​ 12020​
Diners Club Israel Ltd​ 11012​
4. Financial Institutions 
“Hesech” Kupat Hisachon Lehinuch Ltd, Haifa​ ​65
5. Joint Service Companies d
Bank Clearing Center Ltd​ ​50
​Automatic Bank Services Ltd ​59
a This bank was issued a foreign bank license on 10 August 2011. Data not yet included in 
    Annual Information. ​ ​
b Data regarding these banks are included in some of the tables. Their effect on the overall banking system 
    is minimal. ​ ​
This bank was issued a foreign bank license on 25 May 2006. Data not yet included in Annual Information. ​ ​
d Data for these institutions are not included in Annual Information.​