XBRL - A new method of reporting to the Banking Supervision Department

Supervised corporations are required to submit a wide range of reports to the Banking Supervision Department, in accordance with the Supervisor of Banks’ requirements, which are detailed in the Reporting to Banking Supervision Directives.
The Banking Supervision Department decided to adopt the international reporting standard—XBRL (eXtensible Business Reporting Language). The XBRL standard is an XML-based template for transmitting business data.
One of the advantages of using the XBRL standard is a marked improvement in the quality of the data reported, ensured by, among other thing, numerous controls carried out in the stage of generating the data at the reporting corporations, as well as in the stage of receiving the data by the Banking Supervision Department.

Taxonomy versions

 In the new reporting method, the banking corporations will report in accordance with a taxonomy - a collection of all the data required to report to the Banking Supervision Department.
The Bank of Israel’s taxonomy consists of the items required to report to the Banking Supervision Department (Dictionary), and the links between them (including controls and panel structure). In order to develop the taxonomy, a new data model was constructed, with data to be reported in a multidimensional structure (DPM—Data Point Model). In addition, in contrast to the physical layout of the master as an Excel file, the taxonomy is built as XML and XSD files, and in most cases can only be read using dedicated tools.
Using these tools, and based on the taxonomy to be published by the Bank of Israel, the reporting corporation will fill in the required information and will construct a report file in XBRL format, called an Instance Document.


Version 18.0

Taxonomy File and Attachments 23.10.22​
Architectu​re Documentation​ 23.10.22
Main Changes of v18.0​ ​23.10.22
Instant Documents Writing Instruction​​ ​23.10.22

Version 17.0

Taxonomy File and Attachments
Update date: 11.4.2022
Architecture Documentation​
Update ​date: 11.4.2022
Main Changes of v17.0​
Update ​date: 11.4.2022
Instant Documents Writing Instruction​
Update ​date: 11.4.2022​

Version 16.0

Taxonomy File and Attachments
Update date: 4.1.2022​
Architecture Documentation
Update date: 4.1.2022
Main Changes of v16.0​ Update date: 4.1.2022
Instant Documents Writing Instruction​
Update date: 4.1.2022​

Version 14.0

Taxonomy File and Attachments​ Update date: ​1.7.2021
Architecture Documentation​ Update date: ​1.7.2021
Main Changes from v13.0 to v14.0​ Update date: ​1.7.2021
Instant Documents Writing Instruction​​​​ Update date: ​1.7.2021

Version 13.0

​Taxonomy File and Attachments Update date: ​25.4.2021
Architecture Documentation Update date:​​25.4.2021
Main Changes from v12.0 to v13.0​ Update date: ​​25.4.2021
Instant Documents Writing Instruction​​ Update date: ​25.4.2021

Version 12.0

​Taxonomy file and attachments​ ​Update date: 03.01.2021
Architecture Documantation​ ​​Update date: 03.01.2021
​Main changes in v.12​ Update date: 03.01.2021
Instant documents writing instruction​​ Update date: 03.01.2021

Version 11.0

Taxonomy File and Attachments ​Update date: 2.7.2020​

Architecture Documentation

​Update date: 2.7.2020
​​Main changes from V10.0 to V11.0

​​Update date: 2.7.2020
​​Instance Documents Writing Instruction​ Update date: 2.7.2020


Version 10.0

Taxonomy File and Attachments​​ Update date: 21.01.2020​
Architecture Documentation ​​ ​​Update date: 21.01.2020
Main changes from V9.0 to V10.0​ Update date: 21.01.2020
Instance Documents Writing Instruction Update date: 21.01.2020

Version 9.0

Taxonomy File and Attachments Update date: 31.03.2019​
Architecthre Documentation ​​Update date: 31.03.2019​
Main changes from V8.0 to V9.0​ ​​Update date: 31.03.2019​
Instance Documents Writing Instruction ​​ ​Update date: 31.03.2019​


Version 8.0

Taxonomy File and Attachments Update date: 15.01.2019​
Architecthre Documentation Update date: 15.01.2019
Main changes from V7.0 to V8.0

Update date: 15.01.2019

Instance Documents Writing Instruction Update date: 15.01.2019


Version 7.0

Taxonomy File​ ​Update date: 9.07.2018
Architecthre Documentation קישור למסמך pdf​ ​​Update date: 9.07.2018
Main changes from V6.0 to V7.0 קישור למסמך pdf​ ​​Update date: 9.07.2018
Formulas List​ ​​Update date: 9.07.2018
Instance Documents Writing Instruction קישור למסמך pdf​ ​​Update date: 9.07.2018


Version 6.0

Taxonomy File Update date: 16.01.2018
​Dictionary ​Master Update date: 11.01.2018
​Annotated Templates Update date: 11.01.2018
Architecthre Documentation Update date: 11.01.2018
Main changes from V5.0 to V6.0​ Update date: 11.01.2018
Formulas List​ Update date: 11.01.2018
Instance Documents Writing Instruction​ Update date: 11.01.2018


Version 5.0

Update date: 11.05.17​
Taxonomy File​ Update date: 11.05.17
Dictionary Master​ ​​Update date: 11.05.17
Annotated Templates ​​Update date: 11.05.17
​Architecthre Documentation Update date: 11.05.17
Main changes from V4.0 to V5.0 Update date: 11.05.17​
Formulas List Update date: 11.05.17
​​Instance Documents Writing Instruction​ Update date: 11.05.17​



Version 4.0

​Taxonomy File Update date: 22.2.2017​
Dictionary Master Update date: 30.1.2017
Annotated Templates ​ Update date: 30.1.2017
Architecthre Documentation ​ ​Update date: 30.1.2017
​Main Changes from V3.2 ​to V4.0 ​Update date: 30.1.2017
Formulas List​ ​Update date: 30.1.2017
Instance Documents Writing Instruction​​ Update date: 30.1.2017
Version 3.2

Taxonomy File Update date: 6.11.2016
Dictionary Master Update date: 6.11.2016
Annotated Templates ​ Update date: 6.11.2016
Architecthre Documentation ​ ​Update date: 6.11.2016
Main Changes from V3.1 ​to V3.2 ​Update date: 6.11.2016
Formulas List ​Update date: 6.11.2016
Instance Documents Writing Instruction​​ Update date: 6.11.2016