Reporting to the Supervision Department

The table below collates the Supervisor of Banks directives on the issue of the returns submitted by the banking corporations to the Bank Supervision Department.
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Table of Contents OPEN ALL
SubjectReg. No.Last Update
1Table of Contents by Topic and Index Number of Directive80109/2011
20General Guidelines80210/2010
30Reporting Tables80305/2012
Data sheet and balance sheet data
40Supplementary Provisions for Doubtful Loans (Quarterlt)80904/2012
50Derivative Instruments (Quarterly)81404/2011
60Balance Sheet (Monthly)82104/2011
70Liquidity risk (Monthly and Quarterly)82704/2011
80Financial Statements to the Public of Banking Corporations and Credit Card Companies (Quarterly/Monthly)85005/2010
Profit and Loss and Business Results
100Estimate of the Impact of Hypothetical Changes in the Exchange Rate on the Profit and Loss Results of a Banking Corporation (Quarterly)810b12/2011
110Fees from Rendered Banking Services (Quarterly)82801/2011
120Fees from Credit Card Services (Quarterly)82901/2011
130Profit and Loss (Quarterly)83205/2012
170Measurement and Capital Adequacy (Quarterly)83804/2011
150Profit and Loss (Annually)85505/2012
160Business Segments and Geographical Regions (Quarterly)85605/2012
Credit, Credit cards and Risk Management
180Loans to the Construction and Real-Estate Industry (Monthly)80604/2011
200Credit Earmarked for Purchasing Controlling Means (Quarterly)810c01/2011
210Large Credit Exposures (Quarterly)810d02/2012
220Borrowers with Credit and Off-Balance Sheet Credit in Foreign Currency (Quarterly)810e02/2012
230Data for Calculating the Effective Cost in the Israeli Shekel Segment (Monthly)82204/2011
240Credit risk Distribution by Industry (Quarterly)83112/2011
250Credit Cards (Quarterly)86901/2011
260Housing Credit (Monthly)87609/2011
270Housing Credit – Interest Rate Information (Monthly)87709/2011
280Exposure of Mortgage Bank to Changes in the Interest Rate (Quarterly)88704/2011
Costs and interest rates
290Credit Dispensed to the Public and Deposits Received from the Public During the Month by Indexation (Monthly)82301/2011
300Interest Rate for Internal Pricing Usage by the Average Period of Maturity (Weekly)83002/2012
Borrowers and related parties
5Relate Persons (Semi-Annually)81510/2011
Means of control and associated companies
2Controlling Percentages of Related Institutional Investors in Other Banking Corporations81304/2005
3Investments in Corporations and Others (Annually)81605/2012
4Controlling Means in a Banking Corporation (Annually)81805/2012
5Restrictions of Holding Shares in Non-Financial Corporations (Anually)81902/2012
6Pre-Notification on Purchasing Controlling Means (Immediate)819a07/2002
7Investments in Non-Financial Corporation of Merchant Banks (Quarterly)87012/2001
Overseas exposure
440Exposure of the Banking Corporation to Foreign Financial Institutions (Quarterly)83312/2011
450Exposures to Foreign Countries (Quarterly)83409/2011
470Overseas Banking Offices (Quarterly)86509/2011
Administrative and operational data
1.01Communication Banking (Monthly – Suspended)80406/2002
2Public Automated Transaction Machines (ATM) – (ongoing)804a04/2006
3Data on the the Chairman of the Board of Directors, Senior Management Staff and Accountant (Ongoing)80712/2009
4Fraud and Embezzlements (Immediate)80812/2010
6Semiannual Report on Exposure to Compliance Risk82506/2016
7Breakdown by Branches (Semi-Annually)84601/2011
570Appendix A – List of Banking Corporations89609/2011