Contact The Bank of Israel

The Bank deals with a wide range of subjects. People approaching the Bank are asked to communicate by e-mail to the appropriate division where possible.

If possible, please submit photocopies or scanned images of all the relevant documents; this will enable your query to be handled more efficiently. Some matters, such as information on representative exchange rates, may be dealt with by telephone. In addition, enquiries may be addressed directly to the Office Holders in the Bank.


Additional phone numbers:
In lieu of 02-655-2XXX and 1-212-200-XXX, the Jerusalem offices of the Bank of Israel can also be reached via 073-2042-XXX. The last three digits remain the same in all cases.


Contact us:​

Offices of the Bank of Israel

​Tel: 02-655-2211 (From abroad: 972-2-655-2211) ​
​Fax: 02-652-8805 (From abroad: 972-2-652-8805) 
Address: Yoel Zusman corner of Eliezer Kaplan, close to the Rose Garden, Jerusalem
Mail: P.O.Box 780, 9100701 Jerusalem, Israel ​
Tel Aviv​ Address 1: 37, Lillienblum St. (Corner of Nachalat Benjamin St.)​
Address 2: 20, Yavne St. (Banking Supervision and Computer Dept.) ​

Complaints on Banking Services and Information on Banks​ ​
Public Complaints Officer, Banking Supervision Dept.
Mail: P.O.Box 780, 9100701 Jerusalem ​
Tel: 1212-200680​
Fax: 02-666-9077 ​
Restricted Checking Accounts​
Restricted Accounts and Customers (automatic answering service) Tel: 02-373-1000 or *23352 ​
Enquiries​ Tel: 1212-200427 ​
Fax: 02-655-2424 ​
Media Enquiries ​ ​
The Spokesperson's Office​ Tel: 02-655-2712 ​
Fax: 02-652-8812
State Loans​ ​
Public Enquiry Unit, State Loan Administration​ Mail: P.O.Box 1604, Tel-Aviv ​
Tel: 03-566-3366 ​
Fax: 03-560-3518 ​
For enquiries regardining unredeemed loans​
Zahav system and clearing house​ ​
Payment and settlement systems ​ E-mail:
Information on International Financial Institutions ​
 Information and International Relations Division​ Tel: 02-655-2735
Fax: 02-651-9123​
Representative Foreign Exchange Rates ​ ​
Market Operations Department​ Automatic answering service: 02-373-2000  ​
Tel: 02-655-2330, 02-6552576
Fax: 02-655-2160 ​
Queries about Data and Statistics​ ​​ ​
Information and Statistics Department​​ E-mail: ​​
Statistical Data on the Banking System ​ ​
Banking Supervision - The Reporting and Information Unit Tel: 02-655-2447 ​
​​ Fax: 02-655-2159 ​
Bank of Israel Publications​ ​
The Publications Unit ​ Tel: 02-655-2769​
  Fax: 02-666-9769
E-mail: ilana.levi​
Authentication Service​
Infrastructure and Operating Systems Division​

Tel: 02-6552256 (from abroad 972-2-6552256)
       02-6552276 (from abroad 972-2-6552276)​