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The Checks Without Cover Section

The Checks Without Cover Section forms part of the Banking Supervision Department. It is responsible for dealing with the Bank of Israel’s Drawers of Checks Without Cover system and Restricted Customers in Aggravated Circumstances System. It does so under the authority vested in it by the Checks Without Cover Law, 5741-1981.

The Section collects all of the information about the restriction of bank accounts and bank customers for reasons related to the return of checks without cover by banks. It also collects information about persons and companies restricted by various entities for non-banking aspects. For example:

  • Debtors restricted by courts in the course of bankruptcy proceedings;
  • Persons restricted by execution officers, in proceedings related to unified case files, or in debt-collection proceedings brought against them;
  • Persons restricted by the Center for the Collection of Fines, Fees, and Expenses in proceedings related to the collection of debts to government and public authorities and other entities;
  • Persons who do not fulfill divorce decisions of rabbinical courts and are hence restricted by these under Section 3C of the Law.

Additional information about the ​Section’s activity appears in the Annual Survey of Israel’s Banking System (by the Banking Supervision Department).​

The Checks Without Cover Section deals with enquiries and complaints submitted by restricted individuals and companies. The Section may be contacted regarding the following matters:

  1. Enquiries about restrictions imposed—one may ask the Section for information about the type of restriction, duration of restriction, details of the bank or other entity which has imposed the restriction, etc.;
  2. Requests and enquiries about restrictions imposed by banks—one may submit queries about a customer or an account which has been restricted due to return of checks for insufficient funds.
  3. Information about how to launch an appeal against a restriction—one may request information about the court appeal procedure for the removal of checks whose number has resulted in a restriction imposed under the Checks Without Cover Law. One cannot attack a restriction directly – only the number of checks as aforesaid.​
  • Removing a restriction imposed by a bank: the Section deals with enquiries related to restricted accounts and customers, but is not authorized to intervene directly in the decision of a bank that announced restriction of an account or refused to honor a check. Also, the Section may not annul a restriction imposed under the provisions of the Law.
  • Removing a special restriction: the Section collects information about “special restriction” customers, i.e., those who are restricted by Execution officers, by courts in the course of bankruptcy proceedings, and those who fail to fulfill divorce decisions. In this matter, the Section acts in accordance with information it receives from the restricting agency and has no discretion whatsoever in imposing or annulling the restriction.

Questions and enquiries about special restrictions should be addressed directly to the entity which imposed them.

The process is easy and simple—but before you do so, we recommend that you look over the Checks Without Cover manual, which provides information and answers questions on matters that will save you time and unnecessary bureaucracy in pursuing the enquiry.

Contact us:

  • Mail: Checks without Cover Section, POB 780, 91007 Jerusalem
  • Telephone: 02-655-2427, 073-204-2427 and 1212200427
  • Fax: 02-655-2424
  • Online: Click here for anapplication form (in Hebrew)

Whenever you contact us, please include the following details:

  • Full name, ID number, address, and telephone no.;
  • Name of the restricting bank or entity;
  • Details of the request or enquiry.​
  • Contact the bank that imposed the restriction: Before submitting a complaint to the Section, we recommend that you refer questions about the restriction to the bank that imposed it and request it to provide you with the information directly.
  • Digital system for information about restricted accounts and customers under aggravated circumstances: The public may access a system on the Bank of Israel website, that allows individuals to enter details about accounts or account holders and receive an immediate response—whether the account is restricted and for how long. Also, one may enter an ID number or corporate ID number and receive an immediate response—whether the account owner is restricted under aggravated circumstances and for how long. To enter the system.
  • Answer-phone for restricted accounts and customers: The Answer-phone provides an automatic response about restricted accounts, names of customers who have been restricted under aggravated circumstances, the duration of the restriction, and general information about restrictions under the Checks Without Cover Law. The Answer-phone number is 02-373-1000.​