Advisory Committee Publications

The Advisory Committee for the Supervisor’s Directives

The Governor of the Bank of Israel appointed a Committee whose function, in accordance with Section 68 of the Credit Data Law, 5776-2016 (hereinafter, the Law), is to advise the Supervisor on the issuance of directives to credit bureaus, business information service bureaus, information sources that provide information to the register, credit data users, and paid authorized representatives, in their activity under the Law.

The Committee was appointed in accordance with the provisions of Section 70 of the Law, and in accordance with the general rules and the composition set in law.

Among the Committee members, three are government employees and five are from among the public, with a member from among the public serving as Chairperson of the Committee.

The Committee convened for the first time on November 30, 2017.​ 

The members of the committee: Adv. Ronnie Neubauer - deputy Chairman, Uriel Lederberg, prof. Alma Cohen, Carmi OrKfir BattatAdv. and Ronen Horowitz.