Banknote Security Features

Security features on paper banknotes
Counterfeiting has existed since currency first came into use; in extreme cases it may result in the public's losing confidence in a currency.
There is a constant battle waged between law authorities and counterfeiters. To make counterfeiting more difficult, banknotes incorporate various security features. The security features are divided into three categories, based on the way the public can check them—by looking at, touching, or tilting the banknote. In addition to these features, banknotes contain intaglio signs for the blind.
To ensure that a banknote is not a counterfeit, it is important to check several security features, and not to rely on just one.



2.The perforated numerals (Look).

3.The window thread (Look).

4.Raised ink (Feel).

5.The glittering stripe (Tilt).

6.The golden book (Tilt).

7.Features for the blind and visually impaired (Feel).

8.The see-through "Menorah" (Look).

9.Microtext and Micronumbers (Look).​​

10.The latent image (Tilt)

11.Ultraviolet features (Look).





For Security Features Of the Second series Banknote