Economic indicators: Labor Force and Demographics

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Demographics and working age population
1. Permanent population (End of year, thousands) (1)APR-219,341.11.6%
2. Total population aged 15 and older (thousands)Q3/ 20216,753.80.5%
Participation in labor force
3. Labor force aged 15 and older (thousands)Q3/ 20214,191.41.6%
4. Participation rate in labor force among persons age 15 and older (2)Q3/ 202162.060.67
5. Number of employed Israelis (thousands)Q3/ 20213,979.91.9%
6. Number of employed non-Israelis (thousands)Q2/ 2021296.74.5%
7. Share of employed Israelis working part time (2)Q3/ 202133.91.31
8. Employment rate in business sector (2)Q2/ 202162.50.5
9. Employment rate of persons aged 15 and older (2)Q3/ 202159.11.1
10. Labor input of general economy (thousand hours weekly)Q2/ 2021152,9717%
11. Unemployment rate (2)Q3/ 20215-0.3
12. Unemployment depth (percentage of unemployed seeking work for more than 6 months) (2)Q1/ 202128.83.8
13. Job vacancies (1)SEP-21135,783120%
14. New claims for unemployment benefitsOCT-1918,103-15.3%
Wage and labor productivity
15. Average monthly real wage per employee post - overall economy (NIS)JUL-2110,611-1.6%
16. Average monthly real wage per employee post - Israelis (NIS)JUL-2110,970-1%
17. Average monthly real wage per employee post - business sector (NIS)JUL-2111,467-0.1%
18. Labor productivity (net product per hour of work in the business sector) (NIS)Q1/ 20211711.2

(1) Change is calculated vis-a-vis the corresponding period of the previous year.
(2) Change is calculated as difference in percentage points vis-a-vis the prior period.

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