Economic indicators: Institutional Investors And Mutual Funds

    December-20 (percent)August-21 (percent)Change (percentage points)
Risks and liquidity of institutional investors (1)
1. Share of tradable assets52.952.2-0.7%
2. Share of risky assets (2)5455.41.4%
3. Share of foreign assets33.135.62.5%
4. Share of foreign currency assets19.618.5-1.1%
5. Coverage ratio: current assets divided by current liabilities (3),(4)43.747.53.8%
6. Current liabilities out of total liabilities (4)74.375.20.8%
Market values and new investments: Institutional investors
7. Total assets as percentage of GDP147.7155.88%
8. Net new investment (excluding insurance companies, investment since beginning of the year, NIS billion)48.134.9
Selected basic data (NIS billion)
9. Total assets under management by institutional investors2,0542,280.111%
10. Pension funds9661,066.710.4%
11. Provident funds and advanced training funds580653.512.7%
12. Insurance companies509559.910.1%

1. Provident funds, advanced training funds, pension funds, and life insurance plans.
2. Total assets, excluding government bonds, makam, deposits, and cash.
3. Current assets: makam, cash, current accounts in Israel, including foreign currency and tradable assets abroad. Current liabilities: members' funds which have matured.
4. Quarterly data on provident funds and advanced training funds.

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