Identifying Counterfeit Banknotes 
Ever since banknotes were invented, people have been trying to fake them. What are the security features that appear on banknotes? How can you tell a counterfeit?
Banking Supervision Game  
Why is it important to keep banks stable? What is the main role of a bank? The game gives you basic understanding about the role of a bank.
Money and Inflation Trivia Game 
Do you know the price of money? Is high inflation good for the economy? What is the main role of the Bank of Israel and of the Governor of the Bank of Israel? When does money lose value? After you’ve played the Money and Inflation Trivia Game, you’ll be able to answer these and other questions.
Foreign Currency Game
The Bank of Israel holds Israel's foreign exchange reserves.
Can you buy and sell foreign currency without losing money? Try your hand at this game and find out how foreign-currency trading takes place.