Office of the Spokesperson and Economic Information

​The Bank of Israel is one of the most important economic institutions in Israel, and its activity is reviewed extensively by the economic media.

The Office of the Spokesperson and Economic Information at the Bank of Israel is headed by the Bank's Spokesperson. The office is responsible for explaining the Bank's activity by publishing information, issuing press releases, and briefing journalists. The Office issues press releases on subjects connected with the Bank's activity on a regular basis (monthly, quarterly, or annualy) and as the result of one-time events. The releases are sent to the media by various means and appear on the Bank's web site as well. Apart from explanatory activity, the Office deals with numerous inquiries which it receives daily from journalists working for media outlets in Israel and abroad.

The Office consists of four employees: the Spokesperson, the Deputy Spokesperson, the Assistant Spokesperson, and the Office Manager. In line with the overall concept guiding economic information at the Bank of Israel, the Spokesperson and his Deputy have an economics education, and have worked in economics functions in the Bank. The Bank also employs the services of external media consultants.

For the list of press releases due for publication in the coming months

Spokesperson's Office Team:

Spokesperson - Mr. Uri Barazani

​Deputy Spokesperson - Mr. Daniel Shlomiuk

Office Manager - Ms. Meital Rolnizki

How to contact us:
Office telephone number: +972-2-6552713, +972-2-6552712
Office fax number: +972-2-6669771​​​​​