English Publications Catalog

Price list in New Israeli Sheqalim
Group A: current and special publications Price, NIS
Annual Reports for 2013 92.00
Annual Reports for 2004 - available only on Bank of Israel website  
*Research Department Annual Report, 2003- 2 Volumes, (i) The Economy: Developments and Policies; and (ii) Output and Principal Industries, the Labor Market, the Budget and the General Government) 92.00
Recent Economic Developments (quarterly, last no. 136) 19.00
Israel Economic Review (Volume 10 No. 1) 34.00
Israel’s Banking System, Annual Survey, 2012 84.00
Annual Information on the Banking Corporations, 2002-2006 56.00
Banking Review (No. 8) (Last issue. Series discontinued.) 25.00
Financial Statements 2012, Israel's Payment and Settlement Systems 24.00
Monetary Policy Report, No. 36, July-December 2011 19.00
Bank of Israel: Articles, Information, Data, No.3, January 2003 19.00
Banknotes and Coins of Israel 1927-2006   98.00
Financial Stability Report 2004 47.00
A Small Macroeconomic Model to Support Inflation Targeting In Israel 20.00
Israel's Payment and Settlement Systems, Red Book 2011 84.00
Money-A Mirror of ancient and modern times 25.00
Annual Report Currency Department 2010 25.00
Group B: annual subscriptions
Item Frequency Price (NIS)
Exchange Rates (Hebrew-English) weekly 235.00

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