Governor’s Visit to Nazareth

31/10/2019 |  Yaron Amir
To the presentation​ (in Hebrew)

Governor of the Bank of Israel Prof. Amir Yaron visited Nazareth and participated in and spoke at a Rotary Club Conference during the visit.


The Governor began the visit in the Nazareth high-tech industrial park, where he met technology entrepreneurs from Arab society, and was impressed by their success and vision. He toured two high-tech companies in the facility—Amdocs and Broadcom. Later, the Governor visited the Polyphony educational conservatory, where he learned about the initiative and heard a notable performance of several musical creations. Following that, the Governor visited the English Hospital in Nazareth and met with several hospital managers from the area, and held a discussion on the health system in Arab localities. In the afternoon, the Governor met with leading businesspeople in the fields of construction, trade and manufacturing, who explained to him their needs, challenges, and the various difficulties that they face, and the tools that can help them develop and enter into new markets.


In his address at the Rotary Club Conference, the Governor reviewed recent economic developments as well as long-term trends, and listed the challenges and opportunities facing the Israeli economy, in general, and Arab society, in particular.


In his address, the Governor discussed various issues related to the socioeconomic situation of Arab localities in Israel, the challenges and the ways to deal with them that are necessary in order to lead to their development and prosperity. The Governor focused on the importance of the continued integration of Arab society into the labor market, and pointed, among other things, to various developments in schooling, at all levels, and the need to invest in infrastructures that provide employees with accessibility to the various places of work.


At the end of his presentation, the Governor listed the following points:


  • “Arab society is very significant to the Israeli economy and I see it as a significant lever to growth of the Israel economy.”
  • “Continued improvement in skills and schooling of Arab workers, male and female, will contribute to both prosperity and welfare of the Arab family unit and the Israeli economy overall.”
  • “Income gaps derive mainly from the gaps in hourly wage among men and the gaps in the employment rate among women. Dealing with the factors weighing down from the institutional side (transportation, Hebrew language acquisition) together with encouragement and the continued trend of acquiring schooling will increase the participation rate of women in the labor market and the productivity of the Arab worker and will contribute to growth in economic income of the family unit.”
  • “There is a gap in utilizing social rights among the Arab public—the Government should deal with the knowledge gaps that weigh on utilization of rights, and the eligible population should act to utilize its rights.” 
  • In his concluding remarks, the Governor called on appropriate candidates from Arab society to join the Bank’s workforce as regular professional workers, despite the geographical and other difficulties they face. The Governor emphasized that he believes in the considerable abilities and potential among Arab university graduates, and that the Bank of Israel is committed to advancing employment diversity.

Pictures from the visit attached (Credit: Bank of Israel Spokesperson Department):


1.      Visit to high tech industrial park

2.      Visit to Polyphony Conservatory​

3.      Visit and meeting with hospital management

4.      Meeting with businesspeople

5.      Governor’s address to the Rotary Club Conference​​​​