The Bank of Israel Foreign Exchange Reserves, August 2005

Main points of the address by the Deputy Governor of the Bank of Israel, Dr. Meir Sokoler, to the Economic and Financial Conference of the Association of Publicly Traded Companies, held today in the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange
The foreign exchange reserves at the end of August 2005 stood at $ 27,406 million, an increase of about $ 590 million from their level at the end of July 2005. The rise was due to transfers from the private sector and to Bank of Israel profits on investing the reserves. The increase was offset in part by government withdrawals from its accounts at the Bank of Israel, to finance its activities abroad.

December 25,788
January 25,503
February 25,747
March 26,161
April 26,664
May 26,191
June 25,712
July 25,842
August 25,656
September 25,840
October 25,619
November 26,855
December 26,631
January 26,724
February 26,752
March 26,704
April 26,473
May 26,206
June 26,212
July 26,817
August 27,406