The Bank of Israel Warning of Counterfeit NIS 5 Coins

The Bank of Israel Warning of Counterfeit NIS 5 Coins
The Bank calls on the public to be vigilant in noting the identifying signs, and instructs the banks to examine coins at time of deposit
In the past few days the Bank of Israel has found counterfeit NIS 5 coins in circulation, showing a mint date of תשס"ה. The counterfeit coins have been minted on a different metal to the genuine coins and have other flaws. It may be difficult to identify the counterfeit coins with the naked eye, but there are tell-tale signs:
  The inner part of the counterfeit coin is made of a pink metal and scratching with a sharp object will reveal this pink color.
  The word ישראל is missing from the emblem of the State of Israel on the obverse side of the coin, and this can be seen with a magnifying glass.
  On a genuine NIS 5 coin, the square at the base of the capital of the column on the obverse side has double lines on each side; the counterfeit coin does not have double lines.

The Bank of Israel calls on the public to watch out for these signs when paying with or receiving NIS 5 coins dated תשס"ה. The public should also be aware that the presence of such counterfeit coins in the market could cause problems in commerce, as traders and providers of services may not agree to accept or give NIS 5 coins dated תשס"ה.
The Bank of Israel has instructed the banks to check all coins when cash is deposited with them. As required by law, any counterfeit coins that are discovered will be handed to the police.
We stress that a counterfeit coin has no value and cannot be used as a means of exchange.