New "Coins of Jerusalem" Exhibition

New “Coins of Jerusalem” Exhibition
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The Bank of Israel is pleased to announce the opening of a new exhibition, Coins of Jerusalem, in the Visitors Center in the Bank. The new exhibition can be seen alongside the permanent exhibition on Money in the Land of Israel. A visit to the new exhibition can be arranged in combination with a visit to the permanent exhibition, which includes interactive computer stations and films describing the functions of the Bank of Israel, the history of currency, etc.
The new exhibition shows coins minted in Jerusalem throughout history, starting with the Persian period (fourth century BCE), and includes coins minted by the Seleucids, Hasmonaeans, Herodians and the rebels of the Jewish war against Rome. In the Roman period, when a pagan city called Aelia Capitolina was erected on the ruins of the city, the Romans minted coins locally with Roman characteristics. There was a single minting of coins in the city during the Byzantine period, and another in the transitional period between the Byzantine and the early Arab period. All these coins are represented in the exhibition.
Alongside coins minted in Jerusalem, other ancient and modern coins that depicted Jerusalem in their design are also featured. Thus, for example, a coin from the days of the Bar Kokhba uprising depicts the fa?ade of the Temple, and in the Middle Ages the Crusaders minted coins depicting the Tower of David and the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Many special commemorative coins and medals minted in Israel depict Jerusalem's buildings, skyline, or historical events, and these are also displayed in the exhibition.
An automatic slide presentation shows some of the above coins alongside photographs of the actual scenes depicted on them.
All the exhibits are originals: most are from the Bank of Israel collection, and some are on loan from other collections.
The public is invited to visit the Bank of Israel's Visitors Center, by prior arrangement, by telephone––02-6552828, or via the Bank’s website