Bank of Israel Annual Report 2017

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The Economy and Economic Activity
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​Governor's Letter
Chapter 1 ​The Economy and Economic Policy ​PDF
​Chapter 2 ​Aggregate Activity: GDP and Employment PDF​
​Chapter 3 ​Monetary Policy and Inflation ​PDF​
​Chapter 4 ​The Private Sector's Financial Assets and Liabilities PDF
​Chapter 5 ​Long-Term Development of the GDP Labor Share in Israel PDF
​Chapter 6 ​​The General Government, lts Services and Financing PDF
​Chapter 7 ​​Balance of Payments Issue: Export Growth in the High-Tech Industries PDF
​Chapter 8 ​​Welfare Issues ​PDF​
Chapter 9 ​​The Housing Market PDF​


 The Full Report 2017​

Annual Report 2017 - Statistical Appendix​

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