Bank of Israel Annual Report - 2004

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The Economy and Economic Activity


​Parts of the Report PDF file​
The Governor's letter pdf​
Research Department The Economy: Development and Policies pdf​​
Chapter 1, Output and the Principal Industries pdf​​
Main developments​ pdf​
Manufacturing​ pdf​​
Transport and communications​ pdf​​
Construction​ pdf​​
Commerce and services​ pdf​​
The information and communications technology (ICT) industry​ pdf
Chapter 2, The Labor Market pdf​​
Chapter 3, The Budget and the General Government pdf​​
Chapter 4, Welfare Policy pdf​​
Monetary Department Inflation, Monetary Policy, and Developments in the Money and Capital Markets    
Chapter 1, Main Developments pdf​​
Chapter 2, Monetary Policy, Inflation and Prices pdf​​
Chapter 3, The Public’s Financial Asset Portfolio pdf​​
Chapter 4, The Securities Market​ pdf​​
Chapter 5, Institutional Investors​ pdf​​
Diary of Events in the Money and Capital Market in 2004 pdf​​
Foreign Currency Department Investment of the Foreign Exchange Reserves and Developments in the Foreign Currency Market​
Chapter 1, Investment of the Foreign Exchange Reserves pdf​​
Chapter 2, Developments in Israel's Foreign Currency Market in 2004 pdf​​
Foreign Exchange Activity Department  The Balance of Payments: Israel's Foreign Currency Activities, and Activity in the NIS-Forex Market​
Overview and Policy pdf​​
The Balance of Payments Chapter 1, Main Developments​ pdf​​
Chapter 2, Current Account and Capital Account​ pdf​​
Chapter 3, The Financial Account - part1
Chapter 4, International Investment Position and External Debt of the Israeli Economy​ pdf​​
Activity in the NIS-Forex Market Part II, The NIS-Forex Market​ pdf​​
Chapter 2, Resident Forex Activity and Nonresident Activity in NIS​ pdf​​
Chapter 3, Developments in the NIS-Forex Derivatives Markets​ pdf​​
Appendix​ pdf​​
Part III, External Financial Stability pdf​​
Comptroller's Office​ Financial Statements for 2004​ pdf​​
Balance Sheet as of December 31,2004​ pdf​​
Profit and Loss Account for the Year Ending December 31,2004​ pdf​​
Notes to the Financial Statements for 2004​ pdf​​
Explanatory Remarks to the Financial Statements for 2004​ pdf​​
The Payment and Settlement System​ pdf​​
Statistical Appendix​ pdf​​
Statistical Appendix​ Annual Report 2004 - Statistical Appendix
Complementary Data to the Statistical Appendix​