Selected Rapid Indicators of the State of Economic Activity during the Coronavirus Crisis

As part of dealing with the coronavirus crisis, the Bank of Israel is compiling, on an ongoing basis, a picture of the state of Israel’s economy, on both the real and financial sides. To that end, a designated data infrastructure was established at the Bank of Israel, which monitors indicators from various areas. The dynamic picture of the situation is presented in an ongoing manner within the framework of the situation room set up by the Governor of the Bank of Israel with the outbreak of the crisis, and it includes, among other things, indicators from the labor market, credit market, capital market, and the foreign exchange market. In addition, in view of the nature of the crisis, the Bank of Israel formulated unique rapid indicators that can show changes in economic trends.

The Bank will upload additional indicators.

This page will be updated each Wednesday at 11:00 am.

Indicator name



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Credit Card Expen​diture



Special analysis: The changes in credit card purchases as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Updated data on ​changes in credit card expenditures as a result of the coronavirus crisis.​​​​​

The Public’s Mobility Patterns



Special analysis by the Bank of Israel Research Department: Initial economic insights from indices of changes in mobility patterns in Israel​

Analysis of Electricity Consumption in Israel



Analysis of electricity consumption in Israel as a rapid indicator of economic activity