Clearing House Rules

​The file of the clearing house rules contains the procedures and instructions for interbank clearance of payment instruments in the paper-based (checks) clearing house and the automated clearing house ("Masav"). It also includes the procedures for settling disputes between members of the clearing house and for transferring foreign currency payment instruments. In addition to the rules of the clearing house, appendices containing clearing house forms and standards etc. are also due to be published in the future, as well as updates of the rules and information relevant to all clearing house members.

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Annual reports - Clearing House Committee

​Section Subject​ Last Update​
101 ​Bylaws ​Jul-10
201 ​General ​Jul-10
202 ​Clearing Sessions And Their Scheduling ​Jul-10
203 ​Preparation Of Non-Magnetic Receivables For Clearing ​Jul-10
204 ​Management Of The Sessions And Settling Of Accounts In The RTGS System ​Jul-10
205 ​Defects In Non-Magnetic Clearing Receivables ​Jul-10
​206 ​Returns ​Jul-10
207 ​Settling Of Disputes Between Clearing House Members ​Jul-10
208 ​Payment For Lateness/Delay ​Jul-10
209 ​Statistics ​Jul-10
​210 ​Changes In The Clearing House Rules ​Jul-10
211 ​Electronic Clearing Of Magnetic Receivables ​Jul-10
212 ​Clearing Of Promissory Notes ​Jul-10
213 ​Clearing Of Debits And Credits ​Jul-10
214 ​Endorsement Of Checks ​Jul-10
215 ​Magnetic Collection Credits ​Jul-10
216 ​Special Authority During An Emergency ​Jul-10
​217 ​Clearing Via The ACH ​Jul-10
218 ​Clearing Of Checks In Foreign Currency ​Jul-10