Bank of Israel, CEPR, Tel Aviv University and Shoresh Institution Conference - Growth and Inequality: Long-Term Effect of Short-Term Policies

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Growth and The Business Cycle

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Tuesday, may 15, 2018

15:00 – 15:30          Reception

 Chair:    Ayal Kimhi

 15:30                  Welcome and Opening Remarks

                               Dr. Karnit Flug- Governor, Bank of Israel

16:00                    Chang-Tai Hsieh, University of Chicago

16:30                    Dan Ben David, Tel-Aviv University and Shoresh Institute

17:00                    Panel discussion and floor Q&A: Economic growth and inequality.


Wednesday, may 16, 2018

​9:00-11:15 -  Session 1:

 Chair:    Chang-Tai Hsieh

Gerald Willmann (Bielefeld University and IfW Kiel) and Emily Blanchard,

“Unequal Gains, Prolonged Pain: A Model of Protectionist Overshooting and Escalation.”

Discussant:  Chang Ma​​​ (Johns Hopkins University)

Mario Carillo​​ (Brown University), “Agricultural Productivity and Long-Run Development: Evidence from Mussolini'sBattle for Grain.”

Discussant: Gerald Willmann (Bielefeld University and IfW Kiel)

David Hemous (University of Zurich) and Morten Olsen, “The Rise of the Machines: Automation, Horizontal Innovation and IncomeInequality.”

Discussant: Ofer Setty​ (Tel Aviv University).

11:30-13:00 - Session 2:

Chair:    Adi Brender

Omar Rachedi​​ (Banco de España) and Henrique Basso, “The Young, the Old, and the Government: Demographics and Fiscal Multipliers.”

Discussant: Lionel Artige (HEC - University of Liege)

Xiang Haotian and Alexandr Kopytov​ (University of Pennsylvania), “Make America Great: Long-Run Impacts of Short-Run Public Investment.”

Discussant: Bryan Stuart​ (George Washington University)

14:00 – 16:15 - Session 3:

Chair:    Michel Strawczynski

Lionel Artige​ (HEC - University of Liege)  and Laurent Cavenaile (Toronto University), “Public Education Expenditures, Growth and Income Inequality.”

Discussant: Eyal Argov (Bank of Israel).

Shay Tsur​ (Bank of Israel)  and Eyal Argov, "Conditional Convergence and Future TFP Growth in Israel.”

Discussant: Alexandr Kopytov (University of Pennsylvania)

Bryan Stuart (George Washington University), “The Long-Run Effects of Recessions on Education and Income.”

Discussant: Analia Shlosser​ (Tel Aviv University)

16:30 – 18:00 - Session 4:

Chair:    Antonio Ciccone

Moshe Hazan​ (Tel Aviv University), Michael bar, Oksana Leukhina, David Weiss and Hosny Zoabi, “Is The Market Pronatalist?Inequality, Differential Fertility, and Growth Revisited.”

Discussant: Omar Rachedi (Banco de España)

Chang Ma (Johns Hopkins University) , “Financial Stability, Growth and Macro-prudential Policy.”

Discussant: Alon Binyamini​​ (Bank of Israel)

18:30               Invited participants dinner

                           (L'entrecote Restaurant, 28 Achad Ha'Am street, Tel Aviv). ​​​​