Monetary Integration Between the Israeli, Jordanian and Palestinian Economies

03/12/1995 |  Arnon Arie, Spivak Avia


The peace process between Israel and the Palestinians raises some interesting economic questions concerning integration

between the West Bank, Gaza and Israel. In this paper we describe past and current arrangements between Israel, the occupied

territories and Jordan, focusing particularly on trade and labour flows. We then compare the similarity of economic performance

of the four regions, employing recent developments in the statistical analysis of macroeconomic data due to Blanchard and Quah

(1989), which enable to extract the shocks to the economies. Our findings indicate that under the past and current economic relations,

Israel, the West Bank and Gaza were closely integrated, whereas economic integration between the occupied territories and Jordan

was much weaker. Based on these past circumstances, the (imposed) monetary union between Israel and the Palestinian Economy

was warranted. However, optimal monetary arrangements in the future will depend on the extent of changes in real flows and on a

satisfactory settlement of the seigniorage issue.


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