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Vision Values And Objectives

The Bank’s Vision 

To be among the most advanced central banks and to contribute to the prosperity of Israel and the welfare of its citizens. 

The Bank’s Values

  • Professionalism - We aspire to be at the forefront of professional knowledge in all relevant areas. This is part of the aspiration to personal excellence and a way of thinking that is original, independent, nonconventional and path breaking. 
  • Stateliness - The basic criterion of the Bank’s activity is the maximization of benefit to the State and its citizens over time. This activity includes maintaining the rule of law, the country’s sovereignty and its values. 
  • Integrity - We aspire to honesty and credibility while remaining faithful to our principles, values and professional truth, without introducing foreign considerations and personal interests. 
  • Partnership - Cooperation, sharing of information and exchange of ideas between all the components of the organization -- workers, managers, customers and suppliers in order to achieve the Bank’s goals. 
  • Fairness and respect for the individual - A commitment to an organizational outlook that promotes a focused and consistent attitude towards the Bank’s workers, based on the recognition of an individual’s worth. Promotion of an organizational culture that encourages commitment, trust and mutual respect.  

The Bank of Israel’s privacy protection policy​

The Bank’s objectives in coming years

  • Implementation of the new Bank of Israel Law. 
  • Initiating reforms in the financial system (including the banking system) and in the capital market. 
  • Development of macroprudential policy and tools to reinforce the economy’s financial stability. 
  • Strengthening the Governor’s role as economic advisor to the government. 
  • Development of the Bank’s human capital -- recruitment and retention of highly skilled manpower. 
  • Upgrading of the information and statistics system. 
  • Development of advanced technological infrastructures. 
  • Issuing a new currency series.  


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