Interactions between Capital Inflows and Domestic Investment: Israel and Developing Economies - Yoel Hecht, Assaf Razin and Nitzan Gad Shinar

Are Fiscal and Monetary Policies Reflected in Real Yields? Evidence from a Period of Disinflation and Declining Deficit Targets - Hedva Ber, Adi Brender and Sigal Ribon

Globalization of Capital Movements: Potential Disadvantages and their Efect on Israel - Yoav Friedmann and Itay Goldstein

Mind the Gap: Structural and Nonstructural Approaches to estimating Israel's Output Gap - Yigal Menashe and Yossi Yakhin

Kibbutz Education: Implications for Nurturing Children from Low-Income Families - Yaakov Gilboa

The NAIRU in Israel: An Unobserved Components Approach - Amit Friedman and Tanya Suchoy