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Title Publication date Number Additional information
Remuneration policy in banking corporations (E) 05/04/2009 200912
Environmental risks in banking corporations (E) 11/06/2009 200921
Disclosure of exposures to foreign countries-countries with liquidity problems (E) 23/04/2009 200924
Traditional securitization of housing loans in Israel (E) 25/08/2009 200928
Variable rate housing loans (E) 18/08/2009 200937
Chief risk officer and risk management function (E) 22/12/2009 200944
Buying Groups (E) 25/03/2010 201004
Disclosure of exposures to specific foreign countries (E) 16/05/2010 201007
Interim capital policy (E) 30/06/2010 201013
Developments in risks on account of housing loans (E) 11/07/2010 201016
Social media (E) 28/07/2010 201020
Model validation guidance (E) 17/10/2010 201027
Leveraged Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loans (E) 28/10/2010 201032
Adjustable Rate Housing Loans (E) 03/05/2011 201111
Disclosure to the public of activities of foreign bank branches in Israel 23/07/2012 201129
Authorization of balances of banking corporation customers 23/07/2012 201131
Additional disclosure of credit risk due to significant exposure to borrower groups 23/07/2012 201133
Risks inherent in money transfers which involve bank accounts appearing on Internet sites which ostensibly provide illegal gaming activities 23/07/2012 201201
Treatment of put options granted to rights holders, which do not grant control 23/07/2012 201203
Basel III Framework - Minimum core capital ratios 23/07/2012 201205
Update file of questions and answers on capital adequacy 23/07/2012 201207
One-time reporting on salary expenses 27/11/2013 201211
LTV limitations in housing loans 27/11/2013 201213
Correction of housing loan contract in accordance with the Supreme Court ruling 27/11/2013 201215
Repricing of fees for securities transactions 28/11/2012 201217
Updated questions and answers regarding the implementation of Reporting to the Public Directives in the matter of impaired loans, credit risk and loan loss provisions 03/12/2012 201219
Update to the questions and answers – Supervisor of Banks guidelines regarding the housing loan market 04/12/2012 201221
Ramifications of information security risks and cyber attacks on the published financial statements 06/12/2012 201223
Further disclosure on credit risk in respect of significant exposures to groups of borrowers – extension 27/11/2013 201301
Clarification regarding national election day 27/11/2013 201225
Recommendations of the Interministerial Committee to Regulate Custody Services in the Capital Market in Israel 16/01/2013 201303
Fund for the reimbursement of VAT to banks in respect of guarantees in accordance with the Sales Law in residential construction projects 27/11/2013 201307
Accounting regarding embezzlement in accordance with Section 8d2 of the Banking Ordinance 26/05/2014 201309
Presentation of annual financial statements 27/11/2013 201310
Update to the guidelines regarding residential real estate 27/11/2013 201312
Establishment of a working time to write a Directive regarding credit exposure ratings 27/11/2013 201314
Questions and answers on the implementation of the Proper Conduct of Banking Business Directive regarding the Board of Directors (301) 27/11/2013
Amended definition of “small business” – notice to customers 27/11/2013 201316
Prevention of money laundering – Action against Aggregator 27/11/2013 201318
Limitations on providing housing loans 27/11/2013 201322
Limitations on providing housing loans – Clarification regarding the transition period 27/11/2013 201324
Publication of commission fee price lists on the banking corporation’s website 27/11/2013 201326
Report on Embezzlement in accordance with Section 8d2 of the Banking Ordinance. 18/05/2014 201401
Compensation Directive – Initial implementation at subsidiary companies – Banking Group issue 18/05/2014 201402
Preparedness for implementation of the FATCA directive. 18/05/2014 201403
Examination regarding the suitability of reports to the Banking Supervision Department 18/05/2014 201404
The tracks service 18/05/2014 201405
Questions and answers for implementation of Proper Conduct of Banking Business Directive number 301A "Compensation Policy in a Banking Corporation" 18/05/2014
Managing risks deriving from customers’ cross-border activity (E) 16/03/2015
Risk management in a cloud computing environment (E) 29/06/2015 201514
Increasing operational efficiency of the banking system in Israel (E) 12/01/2016 201602
Managing risks involved in operating a voluntary disclosure program in Israel (E) 26/01/2016 201605
Preparedness for Compliance Risk Management In View of Setting Tax Offenses as Predicate Offenses (E) 23/11/2016 201622
Housing loans complementary to eligibility loans (E) 10/12/2017 201704
The tracks service—increasing awareness and encouraging enrollment among small businesses (E) 29/11/2017 201706
Increasing operational efficiency of the banking system in Israel—increasing efficiency in real estate (E) 13/06/2017 201708
Opening an account for a new immigrant (E) 22/03/2018 201802
Adoption of US banks’ generally accepted accounting principles updates - Current expected credit losses and additional directives (E) 28/03/2018 201805
Banking corporations’ activities vis-à-vis customers that are regulated financial service providers and offering coordinators (E) 15/04/2018 201803
Encouraging Innovation at banks and acquirers (E) 26/06/2019 201902
Supervisory steps in response to the coronavirus crisis—temporary provisions (E) 15/03/2020 202006
The Coronavirus Crisis—Guidelines Regarding the in-Person Provision of Services to Bank Customers (E) 16/03/2020 202007
Use of General Permit for Banks to Open Branches and Move Them in a Case of Emergency (E) 19/03/2020 202008
Easings regarding receipt of banking services via telephone, in response to the coronavirus crisis (E) 22/03/2020 202009
Guidelines by the Supervisor of Banks regarding checks without cover—due to the coronavirus event (E) 26/03/2020 202010
Clarifications to Proper Conduct of Banking Business Directives for Dealing with the Coronavirus Event (E) 26/03/2020 202011
The Coronavirus Crisis—Additional Guidelines Related to Provision of In-person Services to Bank Customers (E) 31/03/2020 202013
Enlistment of the banking system to the assistance of the economy in getting through the crisis by increased credit and fair pricing of loans (E) 02/04/2020 202014
The Coronavirus—Supervisory Emphasis Regarding Debts and Reports to the Public (E) 21/04/2020 202016
Guidance for reports to the public for the first quarter of 2020 (E) 21/04/2020 202017
The corona crisis – additional guidelines concerning the provision of face-to-face services to bank customers (E) 22/04/2020 202018
Clarifications to Proper Conduct of Banking Business Directives for Dealing with the Coronavirus Event (E) 23/04/2020 202019
Clarifications to Proper Conduct of Banking Business Directives for Dealing with the Coronavirus Event (E) 25/05/2020 202023
Providing a response for customers enduring economic difficulties against the background of the coronavirus crisis (E) 24/06/2020 202025
Report to the Knesset’s Economic Affairs Committee in accordance with Section 5a3(d)(2) of the Banking (Service to Customers) Law, 5741-1981 (E) 26/07/2020 202030
Report to the Knesset’s Economic Affairs Committee in accordance with Section 5a3(d)(2) of the Banking (Service to Customers) Law, 5741-1981 (E) 26/07/2020 202031
Carrying out banking activities remotely during the period of the coronavirus crisis and in routine times (E) 27/07/2020 202032
Banking (Service to Customer) (Supervision of debit card fee, lawyer’s warning letter, and call-center teller executed activity) (Temporary provision) Order, 5780-2020 (E) 14/09/2020 202034
Coronavirus Event—Supervisory Emphases for Additional Changes in Loan Terms (E) 11/10/2020 202036
Guidance regarding Quarterly and Annual Public Reports for the Year 2020(E) 10/10/2020 202037
Emphases for Managing and Monitoring Model Risks in the COVID-19 Crisis (E) 12/10/2020 200238
Environmental risk management (E) 01/12/2020 202043
Adjusting fee schedules to developing technology (E) 20/01/2021 202101
Environmental and Climate Risks Management (E) 03/02/2021 202111
Increase in credit risk to the construction and real estate industry(E) 30/12/2021 202138
Increase in credit risk to the construction and real estate industry(E) 22/03/2022 202216
Risks of Entering into Agreements with Entities Listed on International Sanctions Lists and National Sanctions Lists of Foreign Countries(E) 08/06/2022 202226
Opening Accounts for New Immigrants and Receiving Money from Russia through the Israeli Banking System (E) 16/08/2022 202234_en
Providing services to banking system customers in view of the war between Russia and Ukraine 02/02/2023 202306_en
Dealings in financial cryptographic assets 26/02/2023 202314_EN
Capital plans and profit distribution policy 13/11/2023 202339EN