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Bank deposit


What is a bank deposit?

The customer deposits money in the bank in accordance with the agreement in which he undertakes not to withdraw the money for a period of time in exchange for the interest that the bank will pay. The terms of the deposit (the length of the deposit period, the date of exit points and the interest rates) can be determined in a negotiation between the customer and the bank.


For whom is bank deposit suitable?

A Bank deposit is suitable for those who want their money to be deposited in a safe place and generate a certain return.


How do you acquire a bank deposit?

Through the bank's website/app/at the branch's automatic bank machines/at the call center or in front of a banker at the branch.


What else is it worthwhile to know about a bank deposit?

A daily deposit allows you to withdraw the money every business day (but the interest you will receive on such a deposit will be relatively low).

This page was last updated on: 09/08/2023