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Fee track calculator

How does the calculator work?

The calculator is based on the number of transactions a customer makes during the month, and on the price of the fee tracks at the various banks.  A customer who does not know how many transactions he or she makes during the month, using a teller or through direct channels, can check on this on the bank’s website or application, or obtain the information directly from the banks.

More information.

I have a cash withdrawal card
Are you a senior citizen?
Is your account classified as the account of a customer with a disability of 40% or more?
Average monthly number of teller-executed transactions
Average monthly number of customer-executed transactions
Confirmation that the bank does not take responsibility, and the calculator is a recommendation only. Please consult with a professional.
Bank name Fee without a track Basic track fee Expanded track fee
The prices are updated according to the bank’s fee schedules as of December 20, 2022.
Highest cost at the relevant bank
Lowest cost at the relevant bank

Customers who do not hold a cash withdrawal card, customers with disabilities, and senior citizens are entitled to 4 teller-executed transactions per month at the cost of a direct channel transaction.

The bank is permitted to charge the higher of these two rates each month:

  1. The total amount of fees due to direct channel transactions and teller-executed transactions actually made by the customer.
  2. A minimum fee that does not exceed the price of one teller-executed transaction.


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