Prof. Reuben Gronau

Member of the Monetary Committee

Professor Reuben Gronau has served as a member of the Monetary Committee of the Bank of Israel since October 2011. He was appointed by the Government in accordance with the Bank of Israel Law, 5770–2010.

Prof. Gronau received his MA in Economics from Hebrew University in Jerusalem in 1963, and received his PhD in Economics from Columbia University in New York in 1967.

In 1967, Prof. Gronau joined the Economics Department in the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, serving as Full Professor and researcher at the Department, and retired in 2005. Over the years, Prof. Gronau has taught at numerous universities abroad, including Northwestern University, Princeton University, Columbia University, University of Chicago, MIT, Stanford University, UCLA, Moscow's New Economic School, and Charles University in Prague.

Prof. Gronau's areas of research interest are labor economics and human resources, transport economics, and public services and industrial management. He has published books and articles in leading professional journals on these topics.

Prof. Gronau serves as Chair of the Maurice Falk Institute for Economic Research in Israel and of the Sapir Forum for Economic Policy, and in 1999 he served as President of the Israeli Economic Association. He is a fellow of the Econometric Society and of the Society of Labor Economics (SOLE). He is a winner of the Landau Award for Research on the Economy of Israel and a winner of the SOLE Jacob Mincer Award for Lifetime Contribution to Labor Economics.

Professor Gronau has chaired and been a member of many public and government committees which dealt with pricing and competition in public services (communications, electricity, municipal water corporations, refineries, and ports). He has been a member of the Committee to Examine Higher Education and serves as Chair of the Committee for Setting Knesset Member Salaries. He is the head of the Public Council for Statistics since October 2013.​