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Banking Supervision Department: Credit card companies reported that they have identified the customers whose credit card details were exposed on the Internet
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As reported in the media, details of credit card customers were recently exposed on the Internet, as a result of hackers breaking into the websites of companies which maintained that information. Based on an initial report submitted by credit card companies to the Banking Supervision Department, the information was on a total of about 15,000 active cards, at the three credit card companies—Cal (Cartisey Ashrai Le'Israel)—Israel Credit Cards; Isracard, and Leumi Card. The Banking Supervision Department is in continuous contact with the companies in order to investigate the event, the circumstances of its occurrence, and actions being taken to deal with the occurrence.
The credit card companies reported that they have identified the cards of the customers whose details were exposed on the Internet, and the cards have been blocked for use in Internet purchases and telephone purchases. This is expected to prevent fraudulent use of the cards through these methods, following the exposure of the information. The companies are contacting the customers in order to exchange the cards that they own. Service centers of all the companies are set to provide answers to customers, and customers who suspect that their card has been misused can turn to the credit card company in order to look into the need to cancel the charge.
The Banking Supervision Department wishes to clarify that the customers will not bear responsibility for fraudulent use of the cards as a result of the exposure of their details as noted above, in accordance with the instructions of the Debit Card Law. In any case, the Banking Supervision Department recommends that customers examine the charges on their credit card statement or at the websites of the credit card companies in order to identify transactions that they did not conduct. Any problem should be reported to the credit card companies as soon as possible.