The Director of the Bank of Israel’s Information Technology Department, Mr. Avner Ziv, notified the Bank of Israel Governor of his decision to step down from his post and from his position as a member of the Bank of Israel management at the end of August 2020, following five years in the position.


Mr. Ziv was chosen for the position of Director of the Information Technology Department in 2015.  Under his leadership, the Department assisted in advancing the financial infrastructure framework for the Israeli economy in conjunction with the Banking Supervision Department and the Supervisor of Credit Data Sharing.  The Financial Infrastructure Division was established within the department, and it is leading national projects such as the credit data system (“Hosen”) and the Open Banking project.  It has also lead the foundation for upgrading the payments systems in the Israeli economy.


During Mr. Ziv’s tenure, the Department upgraded the Bank’s computer infrastructure, including  the adoption of policies regarding cloud computing infrastructure as part of the Bank’s technological array.  The technological work environment of the Bank’s employees was significantly upgraded, with an emphasis on means of work-sharing and working by remote, which has proven itself and helped in the continuity of the Bank’s work during the corona crisis from various centers.


The Bank’s analytics and research infrastructure was also upgraded by the Information Technology Department, using a strategic plan for information systems that was formulated in 2017–18, including entry to the field of big data and the use of machine learning methodologies.  During the corona crisis, a unique “corona portal” system was set up to carry out “information harvesting” from many data sources around the world and present a situational picture of economic indices to the Bank’s decision-makers.


Mr. Zvi was twice selected as CIO of the Year during his term at the Bank of Israel—by the Information Technology Bureau, and by the “People and Computers” organization—as he led the Bank’s Information Technology Department to high achievements in all areas.  Mr. Ziv represented the Bank of Israel at the CBC Association, which includes representatives of the information technology departments of central banks in Europe, where he emphasized Israel’s place as a source of innovation (StartUp Nation) in the fields of fintech and cybersecurity.


Mr. Avner Ziv: “I would like to thank Prof. Amir Yaron, Dr. Karnit Flug, and the Bank of Israel’s Director General, Mr. Hezi Kalo, for the opportunity they gave me to lead the Information Technology Department during a challenging and unique period of its work.  I was fortunate to serve the Israeli public in an inspirational organization with a unique influence.  Special thanks to the dedicated managers and employees of the Information Technology Department, members of the Bank’s management, and all those who were partners in our work both within the Bank of Israel and outside it.  I finish my term with a tremendous sense of satisfaction, and I am thankful for the trust placed in me, and for the opportunity to be a partner in the important work on behalf of the Israeli economy.”


Mr. Hezi Kalo: “Avner has led the Bank of Israel’s Information Technology Department to professional achievements that have won recognition and appreciation in Israel and abroad.  On behalf of myself, the Department’s employees, and the employees of the entire Bank, I thank him for his professional and dedicated work during a very challenging period.”


Bank of Israel Governor Prof. Amir Yaron: “The processes that Avner led to implement technological innovation at the Bank of Israel have helped both on the level of the economy—in advancing important systems in the areas of finance and payments—and at the Bank level, in upgrading the Bank’s technological work infrastructure, the importance of which was put into sharper relief during the crisis.  I wish Avner success in his future endeavors.”​