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The Bank of Israel puts a lot of effort and resources into providing all of its customers with equal, dignified, accessible, and professional service.  In accordance with the Equal Opportunity for Persons with Disabilities Law, 5758–1998 and regulations based on it, the Bank of Israel invests many resources and efforts in making the required accessibility adjustments so that persons with disabilities will be able to obtain the services provided to all customers, in an independent and equal manner.

The Bank’s premises

Accessibility at the Bank of Israel Visitors Center, Nahalat Binaymin street corner of Lilienblum, Tel Aviv (ground floor):

  • There is disabled parking at the nearby Rothschild parking lot, including for raised vehicles, as well as at other parking lots in the area.
  • There is continuous accessibility from the parking lot through the entrance to the Visitors Center, up to the service point.
  • Videos shown at the center include subtitles, and there is written material on the exhibits for those with difficulty hearing.
  • There are accessible washroom facilities for the disabled.
  • There are identification and direction signs.
  • Entrance to the Visitors Center is permitted for those with guide dogs to help persons with disabilities.


Accessibility at the Bank of Israel teller’s window, 2 Eliezer Kaplan street, Jerusalem (ground floor)

  • There is disabled parking in the Bank of Israel parking lot on Kaplan street next to the Bank, and in the “Hale’om” parking lot (with pay), including for raised vehicles.
  • There is continuous accessibility from the parking lot through the entrance to the building, up to the service point.
  • There are accessible washroom facilities for the disabled near to the teller’s window.
  • There are identification and direction signs.
  • There is an accessibility phone for those with difficulty hearing.
  • Entrance to the teller’s window is permitted for those with guide dogs to help persons with disabilities.


Accessible customer service

  • Employee training for providing accessible service: The Bank has provided training to acquaint employees with the field of accessibility, and provide them with practical tools to provide accessible service.
  • Accessible phone service: Telephone response has been made accessible so that information is transmitted in a clear voice with no background music.
  • Other means of contact: There are a number of other ways to contact the Bank of Israel:


Bank of Israel website

An accessible website is one that enables persons with disabilities and the elderly to visit the site with the same level of efficiency and benefit for all visitors.  About 20–25 percent of the population has difficulty using the Internet, and may benefit from more accessible Internet content, according to research conducted in 2003 by Microsoft.

  • This site meets the requirements of the Equal Rights for Persons with Disabilities (Accessibility of Service Adaptations) Regulations, 5773–2013.
  • The accessibility adaptations are according to the recommendations of Israeli Standard 5568 for access to Internet content at the AA level, and the international WCA2.0 document.
  • The tests were to the highest level of compatibility with the Chrome browser.
  • The website provides a semantic structure for assistive technologies that support the common use pattern for keyboards using the arrow, Enter, and Esc keys to leave menus and windows.
  • The website is compatible for display with common browsers and with cellphone use.
  • In order to obtain an optimal surfing certificate with screen-reading software, we recommend using the most up-to-date NVDA software.
  • Documents or video clips put on the website prior to October 2017 may not be fully accessible. If you encounter such a document or video, please contact the accessibility coordinator and we will make sure to provide you with the accessible content.
  • Providing information in an accessible format: The Bank of Israel provides its customers with the ability to obtain information in accessible formats. The provision of information is free, and is intended for persons with disabilities.  For enquiries and information regarding accessibility, please contact the Bank of Israel’s accessibility coordinator at the address located below.
  • Accessibility tests and consulting were conducted by A2Z Internet Accessibility and Marketing.


Enquiries, requests, and suggestions on accessibility

Please note that we are continuing our efforts to improve accessibility as part of our commitment to enable the entire population, including persons with disabilities, to obtain the most accessible service.  If you have encountered a problem or defect regarding accessibility, please update us and we will make every effort to find an appropriate solution and deal with the problem as soon as possible.

Please contact the accessibility coordinator, Moshe Gefen, at:



This page was last updated on: 29/03/2023