Bank of Israel response to the strike and the issue of contract workers
The main problem in this situation is the inferior terms for contract workers relative to their colleagues in the same workplace. With that, it should be remembered that employment through a contracting company allows managerial flexibility and increased efficiency in work processes. However, the following should be taken into account:
  Employment through a contractor must be for a limited extent, not the primary employment method.
  Care must be taken to ensure that the working terms of contract workers are similar to the conditions of their colleagues in similar positions.
  It is imperative to increase the enforcement of contracting companies to protect the rights of contract workers.
These are the guiding lines for the Ministry of Finance in the negotiations with the Histadrut and a welcome process of increasing enforcement of the issue has already begun. It should be expected that after an agreement is reached on the matter, a period of several years will be set during which the economy is not subject to a renewed threat of a strike over the same matter.