Business sector debt increased in October by about NIS 2 billion (0.2 percent), to about NIS 822 billion. Household debt increased in October by about NIS 1.8 billion (0.4 percent), to around NIS 457 billion at the end of the month.
The business sector’s outstanding debt
·         In October, business sector debt increased by about NIS 2 billion to around NIS 822 billion. The increase derived mainly from net raising of debt through bank loans, nonbank loans, and tradable bonds Israel, which were mostly offset as well as a result of the net repayment of credit from abroad and of nontradable bonds, and as a result of the effect of the appreciation of the shekel against the dollar by about 1.4 percent and by the decline in the Consumer Price Index by about 0.4 percent, which reduced the shekel value of CPI-indexed debt and debt denominated in and indexed to foreign exchange.
·         In November, the business sector (excluding banks and insurance companies) issued about NIS 1.6 billion in bonds, all in tradable bonds.  This is lower than the average issuance of the first ten months of the year (about NIS 2.6 billion).


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