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  • In the first quarter of 2018, the balance of assets held by Israeli residents abroad increased by about $5.7 billion (about 1.3 percent). Net investments  in share capital (financial and direct) were partly offset by withdrawals from deposits abroad by Israelis.
  • Outstanding liabilities to abroad increased by approximately $4.7 billion (1.6 percent). Net investments by nonresidents in Israeli share capital (direct and financial) and in Israeli bonds were partly offset by a decline in Israeli share prices.
  • The ratio of gross external debt to GDP increased during the course of the first quarter by about 0.8 percentage points, to 25 percent at the end of March—reflecting an increase in the balance of gross external debt that was greater than the increase in GDP.
  • Israel’s surplus of assets over liabilities vis-à-vis abroad increased in the first quarter by approximately $0.9 billion (0.6 percent), to about $142 billion at the end of March, mainly as a result of a decline in the prices of Israeli stocks held by nonresidents.
  • The surplus of assets over liabilities vis-à-vis abroad in debt instruments alone (negative net external debt) was unchanged in the first quarter, remaining at about $165 billion.

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