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Moderation in nonresidents’ investments in government bonds, realizations in makam
Bonds and makam traded in Tel Aviv: In December, nonresidents realized about $20 million, net, in makam, in contrast to net investments of about $310 million, on average, in the previous four months. Investments in government bonds were near zero in December, a decline compared to the level of investment in government bonds in previous months.
There were net realizations by nonresidents of about $20 million in government bonds traded abroad.
Investments in Israeli shares: In December, nonresidents invested about $120 million, net, in shares on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE). In contrast, nonresidents sold about $160 million, net, in Israeli shares traded abroad.
Nonresidents' direct investment in Israel: In December, nonresidents' direct investment in Israel via the banking system totaled about $570 million, most of which was concentrated in the high technology industry and in the information and communications industry.
Continued net realizations by institutional investors in foreign shares
In December, Israeli residents realized about $1 billion in financial investments (stocks and bonds) abroad, most of which was realizations by institutional investors of shares abroad.
Shares: In December, there were net realizations by Israeli residents of foreign shares traded abroad:  There were net realizations of about $1.2 billion by institutional investors, mainly by pension funds and advanced training funds, and of about $130 million by the business sector. In contrast, households invested about a net $80 million in foreign shares. During the full year of 2014, Israeli residents invested $3.6 billion in foreign shares.
Bonds: In December, Israeli residents invested about $230 million, net, in bonds traded abroad—investments of about $320 million by households were partly offset by net realizations of about $140 million by institutional investors. During the full year of 2014, Israeli residents invested $5.4 billion in foreign bonds.
Direct investment abroad: In December, Israeli residents made direct investments abroad totaling about $170 million. Most of the investments were made by a company in the insurance industry.



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