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Issuance of government bonds abroad; moderate activity on stock exchange


Bonds and makam: In January, nonresidents invested about $30 million, net, in government bonds, compared with net realizations of about $230 million in December.


In January 2014, the government completed a euro-denominated bond issue abroad at a total of €1.5 billion (about $2 billion), with a maturity of 10 years, yielding 2.9 percent.


Investments in Israeli shares: In January, nonresidents invested approximately $80 million, net, in shares on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE).  In contrast, nonresidents sold about $140 million in Israeli shares traded abroad.


Nonresidents' direct investment in Israel: In January, nonresidents' net direct investment in Israel via the banking system totaled about $260 million. The investments were primarily in the chemicals industry.



Continued investments by institutional investors and increased investment by households in foreign securities


In January, the three sectors—the business sector, households, and institutional investors—invested about $1.3 billion, combined, in financial investments (bonds and shares) abroad.


Shares: In January, institutional investors invested about $590 million in shares traded abroad, while households and the business sector invested a significant total of about $380 million dollars in shares.


Bonds: In January, Israeli residents made net investments of about $175 million in bonds traded abroad—investments of about $210 million by households were partly offset by realizations of about $35 million by the business sector and institutional investors combined.


Direct investments abroad: In January, residents realized about $270 million, net, in direct investments abroad, mainly in one company in the chemicals industry.