The Banking Supervision Department is currently working to publish directives, in the framework of which a series of leniencies for banks will be established. These will allow the provision of better service to the public. In parallel, the banking system is offering the public various services due to the situation, with the goal of making it easier for the customers to meet their financial obligations.


Among the steps published that can impact the customer’s credit data:


Deferring the monthly mortgage or other loan payment by several months;


The possibility of increasing the credit facility in the current account in order to prevent deviations from the facility (at the same terms as the existing facility);


The possibility of receiving a loan for any purpose;


Supervisor of Credit Data Sharing Mr. Tsuriel Tamam, CPA, requests to turn citizens’ attention to these easings with the hope that they will minimize the negative impact on customers’ credit rating: “The development of the coronavirus epidemic and its ramifications on the economy in Israel and abroad, including every household or business, requires extra vigilance in customers’ management of credit issues.


We’d like to point all citizens’ attention to work actively and to use the easings given and the services offered by the banking system in an informed manner. In this regard, it is proposed to be in contact with the credit providers to whom you have committed, and to examine the possibilities for deferring or spreading out payments. We recommend avoiding as much as possible deviations from the credit facility, returned checks, or delays in payments, and to that end, to act in coordination with the credit provider, since deviations or delays that are not arranged in advance are liable to negatively impact the customer’s credit rating and the ability to take credit at better terms in the future.


In view of the challenge we face, I call on the public to be vigilant and to take advantage of the existing easings in order to be able to get through the period with adverse impact that is as minimal as possible.”​​​​